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30 Days Wheat Free Fast – Day #2

Ooats and cocoa for wheat fast breakfast
Quaker 100% Oats and Grace Instant Chocolate

Today was my second official day without eating wheat. Like I mentioned previously, I had started unofficially from Friday afternoon going into Saturday. During the morning on Saturday, I noticed that I was very irritable.

I snapped at my husband and my son for no apparent reason and I wondered what was causing me to be so fussy. I knew it wasn’t PMS based on the time of month so I was a bit confused as to what was happening.

I chalked it up to just not having a great night’s rest. Little did I realize that I was actually suffering from some of the effects of wheat withdrawal. In my research, I have learned that when you stop eating wheat, you are likely to experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced by drug addicts or alcoholics who are dropping their drug habits!

This was a huge shocker to me because I did not realize how impactful wheat is on our bodies – especially our brains and our guts. Anyway, I realize that I have been experiencing wheat withdrawal symptoms all weekend coming into today, which is Tuesday.

The most noticeable symptoms for me have been :

  • joint aches in my shoulders and my neck,
  • flu-like feelings
  • brain fog – I couldn’t remember the words to the songs at church on Sunday
  • irritability
  • Extreme feelings of hunger
  • Excessive sweating
  • Stomach pains

It’s just amazing how our diets can affect every aspect of our lives. I never realized how important it is to eat ‘right’ until now.

We have become a society that is literally hooked and high on wheat! In fact, Dr. Davis has stated that wheat has a similar effect on the brain as opiates! I mean it is like we are on drugs when we consume wheat. And it is actually addictive.

This is why it is so difficult for those who have eaten wheat heavily all their lives to wean themselves from it. It is a literal struggle as the body fights to retain the feel good, opium-like effects of wheat.

Today I grinned and bore all the wheat withdrawal symptoms and still remain determined to stop eating wheat completely. Here is what I ate today.


Oats porridge

Hot chocolate (cocoa)


Stew chicken, raw vegetables, rice and peas (picked out the peas). With type O blood, cabbage actually slows down my metabolism but I only had very little cabbage. I just wanted to get some vegetables in and I realized that I didn’t have any other vegetables in the house so the cabbage had to do.

Afternoon Snack

Oats porridge – I was feeling hungry by mid-afternoon and decided to have the remaining oats porridge from breakfast.


Mince (ground beef) and rice – I really enjoyed this. I have a natural love for beef so the fact that it is good for my blood type makes it that much better. I had Tang as a beverage. I had a June Plum for fruit.

I did my workout in the morning today. I wanted to do another 30 minutes in the evening but was simply too tired to go through with it.

So, I’ve made it through day 2. That’s 2 down, 28 more to go…..


3 thoughts on “30 Days Wheat Free Fast – Day #2”

    1. Hey there Fashionable Librarian!
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a yardie…Jamaican born and bred! Yep, we have been given a 6 for a 9 when it comes to wheat. It has been pushed as healthy but it seems like its not all that…..

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